In this process, it is sometime seem that due to certain professional reason or business rivalry, people commence with badmouthing a business entity which is aiming to reach success. This is usually followed by reviewing the products or services launched by that particular company negatively which in turn tends to manipulate the thoughts of the customers who end up opting for some other product.


Another word buzzing in this digital era is ORM. Also known as Online Reputation Management, ORM deals with the online promotion of an individual or a company’s identity and business entity. With the internet acting as a gateway for conducting business online, people have also become internet savvy mostly adhering to online shopping. However before purchasing a product or opting for any service, everyone is keen to know more details about the product, its rating and also the image and goodwill of the company in the business world. Bringing to the customers reviews which can guide them with their transaction is the duty of any professional ORM service providers like SEOSMO KING.


As a professional service provider for online management Noida & Moradabad, we have a team of members possessing adequate knowledge to help you with ways of regaining the lost reputation which took your years to build. With the use of expert tools and techniques, we track such negative comments and implement plans suitably. By adhering to the ethical corrective measures, our team members post positive content, comments and blogs about your products and services over the online channels thus promoting them effectively to help you with increased sale.


We understand that customers are often wary about the negative comment they once come across about any product or service. Despite of encountering several positive comments, that one negative review haunt them and restrain them from opting for that service or product. This can only be cleared by putting up to them the reality associated with such statements which is what our team members does carefully. In case of adversities, we also restore to legal measures to help our clients with such issues. However in our services, a bit of patience is what we seek from our clients since it takes time to deal with these negative comments and turn them into a positive one

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